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Recommended treatment- Facial Fillers

Some people were born with great lips, and others were born with lips whose appearance could be improved. For those who weren’t born with the perfect lips, there are many ways we can change lips to improve their appearance. 

  • Size of Lips
  • Proportion of Lips
  • Projection of Lips
  • Shape of the Lips
  • Cupid’s Bow

image1Lip Enhancement

Pucker up and enjoy kissable lips all year long!  Lip enhancement with JUVEDERM and RESTYLANE is an ideal option for anyone wanting to create a slightly fuller look to their lips or to enhance the shape and definition without lipstick or lip liners. Fuller lips are perceived as a trait of youth, beauty and sensuality.

This simple office procedure involves injecting fillers to replace your volume loss and can provide a soft pouting look with the body’s own material. The result will make your lips look younger, fuller, and best of all; you won’t have to worry about your lipstick bleeding into fine lines. Facial fillers in tiny quantities, using a very fine needle, can give natural volume to the lips, smooth out wrinkles and when injected along the lip margins to enhance contour and prevent lip stick “bleed”.   There is no down time and it is a simple procedure that can take only 30 minutes. 

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Recommended treatment- Facial Fillers

If your lips are too small or thin,… If you want larger and fuller lips, ….or if you have simply lost volume in your lips – then Facial Fillers can provide fullness and shape in your lips without looking overdone. Aging naturally causes your lips to become thinner and lose definition and volume. With the loss of volume the thin lips can create an older, sterner appearance. Where you’re likely to notice it most is around ‘Cupid’s Bow’ – the V-shaped area of your upper lip. You may have used make-up to disguise things, but it can bleed down the vertical wrinkles and actually highlight the problem.

Most of the women Drs. Fiona and Tim Wright treat are after discrete, natural looking results. Sometimes younger women seek a very full look that can look fabulous, but as a woman matures it is important to consider the overall facial appearance and the need for balance between eyes, cheeks and mouth.  Lip enhancement is one of the more advanced filler injection techniques, so it is important that your doctor is skilled and experienced in Lip Rejuvenation before you sign up.  Sculpting a woman’s lips is a skill that takes much practice, an artistic eye and excellent communication between patient and doctor. Drs. Wright understand these requirements and have the expertise which provides a balanced natural appearance that ultimately leads to an enormous improvement in self-confidence. 


Recommended treatment- Facial Fillers, Botox/Dysport, Laser Resurfacing

At Skin MD and Beyond, Drs. Wright have been treating lip lines with excellent success! It is their opinion that the best results involve a three step approach. 1) Replace volume with Facial Fillers, 2) Relax muscles with Botox to stop the muscles from making the lip lines, and 3) Add a Resurfacing Technique including peels or lasers to improve the texture of the aged and photo-damaged skin.

Fillers can smooth unwanted fine lines and is an excellent choice to enhance the size and shape of your lips – to give you a smooth, natural and younger looking appearance. 

Facial Fillers

Upper lip vertical creases, “the Barcode above your top lip” are caused by multiple factors. Smoking, chronic sun-damage, dentition, genetic predisposition and natural aging contribute to the lines.  Lip lines also appear due to a loss of volume in the area, so using Facial Fillers is usually the first step in Lip Rejuvenation as it will restore the volume and decrease the appearance of the unwanted lines.


In some patients, it is worth adding some muscle relaxing injections to prevent the lips from “pursing together” and causing the vertical lines in the first place.  As well, artistically placed Botox can prevent the lines that come from the wear and tear of the puckering of the lips during smoking and natural movement. Slightly relaxing the muscles help reduce the intensity of that wear and tear, which helps to slow down the worsening of the lines.  Botox used about the mouth is very safe and highly effective and requested commonly by our patients. It is an off-label indication and you need to see an experienced physician for this treatment.  The risk would be overuse of the product which may cause a marked change in the sensitivity of the lip as well as changes in the shape of the mouth or smile. 

Laser Resurfacing

ResurFX laser resurfacing can be used for mild to moderate wrinkles around the mouth. This procedure combines the impact of resurfacing lasers with the gentleness and safety of non-invasive procedures to treat sun damaged and rough skin. The ResurFX Laser has improved on prior fractional and traditional resurfacing technologies through a combination of full coverage and deep fractional ablation. The ResurFX Laser uses a unique wavelength that facilitates the proper balance of tissue removal and thermal damage to the skin surface to achieve the desired results.   A single treatment can show results but the final results will accumulate after a series of treatments designed to treat the lines around the mouth. Long-term improvement in collagen production will maximize over the next 3-6 months resulting in the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for a plumper, healthier skin.


Recommended treatment- Facial Fillers, Botox/Dysport

Botox and fillers work by different mechanisms. . If asymmetric volume distribution of the soft tissues of your lips is contributing to your asymmetric appearance, then there may be a role for fillers.  Fillers act to restore or add volume to a particular area, so for lip asymmetry “at rest” facial fillers work well to rebalance your appearance.

If you have more asymmetry when actively smiling that may be corrected better with Botox/Dysport.  Botox acts to weaken or paralyze treated muscles – so by treating the involved muscles you can restore the balance around you lips.

Facial Fillers

All of us are asymmetric to some degree, which can include our lips. When performing injectable Lip Rejuvenation, we strive for subtle changes that can soften and improve theses imperfections.

Injectable fillers are an excellent choice to rebalance asymmetries while also augmenting, or volumizing the lips.   This treatment includes defining the vermillion border of the lip with a more feminine overall appearance, balancing the proportions to maintain a natural shape and look, and adding volume to give the lips a pouty – not a puffy look.


Nobody is completely symmetrical and the imbalance is usually quite subtle – but this is not the case when the asymmetry is with your lips.  If your smile is asymmetric when speaking and smiling, Botox may be the best product to selectively weaken the muscles which are pulling too much.  This can be done safely and with great and predictable results. A doctor skilled with an artistic eye and with the anatomical knowledge for Botox Cosmetic, like Drs. Fiona and Tim Wright, will be able to identify the and correct theses asymmetries.  Although many people have had success with Botox making their lip contour a little larger or rebalancing asymmetry in their lips, it is important to realize that this treatment requires advanced skills and it is critical that you are working with an experienced injector as an over-injection around the mouth can leave you with difficulty speaking, smiling, or chewing.  


Recommended treatment- Botox/Dysport

For most of us, smiling is something that comes easy and feels great.  However for some, when a person smiles they expose a noticeable section of the gums above their teeth and they become embarrassed. Gummy smiles occur for a variety of reasons, most commonly a short upper lip, excessive gum tissue or small teeth, all of which can be genetic.  Many people who suffer from this embarrassing condition are now turning to Botox Cosmetic/ Dysport – as a few simple Botox/Dysport  injections placed in strategic locations are used to relax the muscles to bring the upper lip down to resolve the excessive gum displayed when you smile.  Additionally, some people may have an asymmetrical or irregular smile, with one side of the upper lip drooping lower or rising higher than the rest of the lip during smiling or laughing.  This too can be corrected with Botox/Dysport!  If an upper lip that is thin is a contributing factor in the appearance of a gummy smile, a combination treatment of fillers to the lips and Botox/Dysport may be required to achieve the best results possible. Both procedures can be performed on the same treatment day and allow you to continue with your daily activities as soon as the session is over.  It is important that you choose a specialized doctor who has a lot of experience in treating this area.  Botox is an art and you have to know where to inject it, more importantly where not to inject it.  As injecting the tiniest units in the wrong place can cause a crooked smile for months. Drs. Wright are experts in attaining excellent results, creating your new smile that will appear natural and warm. The full results are seen after several days, revealing a new beautiful smile and personality!


Recommended treatment- Skincare, Facial Fillers

Skin Care

They don’t call them Lizard Lips for nothing! There’s nothing sexy about having dry, cracked lips underneath that lovely lipstick. With winter weather or dry arid climates, many people have to deal with lips that are dry, cracked, and in some cases, even painful.  For our lips -certain times of the year can be worse than others – and it is not fun to have dry lips! Lips are one of the most exposed areas of skin and are more vulnerable to the environment than any other part of our face. If your lips are peeling and bleeding- we have some suggestions below for you. 

Dr. Wright’s Lip Tips

  • Minimize the dryness of your lips by avoiding alcohol and caffeine and trying to drink plenty of water. Use a humidifier at home to keep the air moist.
  • Avoid licking your lips as saliva evaporates quickly and leaves lips drier than before you licked them.
  • An effective lip hydrator to seal in water is essential. This even helps your lip color glide on smoother and look plumper.  Our Fiona WRxIGHT MD skincare EYE QUENCH, is great to hydrate your lips. Yes – our luxurious hydrating eye gel has many benefits, and is a perfect treatment for the lips as well. This rich and protective barrier moisturizer protects from dehydration, while providing the anti-aging benefits of Vitamins A, C, E, CoQ10, and Green Tea, therefore a perfect and easy solution to dry, thin-looking lips.  Our patients love this multi-use products, which saves them time and money!
  • Once the lips are hydrated, it is important to seal the moisture in and prevent chapped lips by applying a lip balm with SPF. For an ultra-moisturizing experience look for a lip balm containing petrolatum (Aquaphor) or beeswax (Burt’s Bees). Moisture balms should be applied throughout the day, after eating and before going to bed to achieve the best results.
  • Check that your lipstick contains condition-enhancing ingredients. Some of these ingredients would be shea butter, wheatgerm oil and natural waxes.
  • Applying your lip balm to a smooth surface is also important- so exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush when brushing your teeth. You can also apply lip exfoliating creams that contain salicylic acid.
  • Several causes of dry lips are: obstructed breathing, contact dermatitis and certain medications (like those that treat acne) which can dry out the lips. Consult your physician if the problem persists because it can become a major problem and no one wants lips that are dry looking!

Facial Fillers

For many, Facial Fillers are used to lift and rejuvenate their appearance and bring the “sexy back” to their lips! But, for some, it can alleviate a common inflammatory condition affecting the corners of the mouth (oral commissures) called Angular Cheilitis. Depending on underlying causes, it may last a few days or persist indefinitely. It is also called angular stomatitis and cheilosis.  The condition presents with a red rash-like area with tenderness, irritation and cracking in the skin at the corners of the lips. It can be a very annoying condition since every time you eat, smile, talk or laugh; the skin tends to crack, interrupting healing. If small fragments of food get into the wound or fissure, it can further impair healing and increase the risk of secondary infection.  

It is important to see your doctor before embarking on using Facial Fillers to correct this problem, as there are many medical causes of the condition that need to be evaluated and treated if present. The most common causes of Angular Cheilitis are;

  • Nutritional Deficiencies (Iron, B group vitamin deficiency ; B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid) or B12 (cyanocobalamin). In fact, any condition or situation in which there is poor diet, malnutrition or malabsorption (for example celiac disease) can potentially result in angular stomatitis.
  • Another possible cause is a fungal skin infection such as yeast (Candida albicans) or a bacterium such as Staphylococcus aureus which are able to thrive because of excessive moisture at the corners of the mouth or a microbial imbalance.  Some people may be at more risk which include; diabetes, people undergoing head and neck radiation treatment, and the immunocompromised people.
  • Sometimes the skin may have broken down due to another cause such as eczema, contact dermatitis or allergy, or even a cold sore (herpes simplex) and a secondary bacterial infection may subsequently ensue, prolonging and exacerbating the original condition.
  • People who wear dentures, especially ill-fitting ones, tend to be prone to this condition too, since saliva tends to collect in skin creases and this moist environment tends to welcome infection. It tends to be worse in winter too, when the skin has a tendency to become dry, chapped and cracked and can peel easily, especially if idle fingers cannot resist playing with the dry cracked skin!

The final causes that can create Angular Cheilitis are the ones that can be corrected with Facial Fillers. The drooping of the corners of the mouth can be caused by tooth loss (which allows the cheeks to sink in) and by the aging process where volume loss and skin laxity around the mouth doesn’t maintain a “full” facial form.  The overhanging folds of skin will create deeper creases which promote a moist environment for inflammation and irritation to set in.  Facial Fillers, such as Restylane, can be placed in the corners to build up the oral commissures and remove the overhang.


Recommended treatment- Botox/Dypsort, Facial Fillers

Mouth frown got you down?  As we age, the mouth can take on a downturned appearance, which creates a very negative and sour /sad appearance to the face.  The cause of this drooping of the lips is multifactorial. The first culprit is a muscle known as the Depressor Anguli Ori (DAO) and it connects the corners of the mouth to your jaw bone. The DAO is primarily used for facial expression and allows us to, you guessed it, frown! The use of our DAO’s over time makes them strong and will result in a pull down on the sides of the mouth. This, in combination with other natural processes in the skin such as volume loss and a loosening of the ligaments around the mouth, contributes to marionette lines and the jowls around our jawline and lower face.

Botox/ Dysport

In the past surgery was the only option available to correct the downturned mouth. An incision on the lip margin would be made and the result can leave a scar right on the lip margin, which never looks natural. But now, with the help of BOTOX Cosmetic the DAO muscle can be treated to diminish the downward pull on the corners of the mouth and allow the muscles that elevate the corners to take over.

With just a few units of Botox, this almost painless procedure can soften the DAO muscles and restore the corners of the mouth to a more youthful and pleasing position. Drs. Wright always offer a complimentary follow-up to ensure you have achieved your desired goal. If more correction is needed, additional Botox may be placed or you may need filler to replace visible volume loss. The final results are striking! The corner of the mouth comes up to a normal level, and loses that scowling downward turn of the mouth and you look happier!

Facial Fillers

As women and men age, volume is lost, upper and lower lip wrinkles develop and the corners of the mouth draw down. This often creates a sad or unhappy appearance to the lip area, the “mouth frown” or marionette line, a very aging sign. In some patients a chronic irritation due to salivary overflow, known as Angular Cheilitis (see Facial Fillers for Dry Lips above) can develop.  The sooner this area is corrected the better the final result will be. If these wrinkles at the corner of the mouth are neglected, they become deep folds with scar like wrinkles which are very difficult to treat successfully.

At Skin MD and Beyond, the rejuvenation of the downturned mouth with dermal fillers and Botox is performed daily by Drs. Wright with great success! They will treat this aging sign by injecting a Facial Filler, such as Juvéderm or Restylane, into the small triangle of skin just below the corner of the mouth. In this manner a drooping mouth corner can be turned up quickly and easily. The key to a good corner of the mouth lift is very dependent on the expertise of the injector.


Recommended treatment- Facial Fillers

The marionette lines (creases that extend down from the mouth to the jawline) are areas that tend to be overlooked by patients who are having filler injections for the first time because all of the focus is usually on deep smile lines and lip contour.  It is very common for marionette lines to appear at the same time and one of the most common reasons that patients are dissatisfied when they have only  their lips or laugh lines treated – because they didn’t treat their marionette lines at the same time. For this reason, Drs. Wright often recommends treating both areas together for the best results.

Marionette Creases are located below the corners of your mouth, can extend down to your jawline and are a great place for Facial Fillers.  Many people feel that they looked tired and unhappy, due to the prominent creases between their mouth and chin and overall loss of elasticity in their face, which causes a sagging to the jaw line.  Drs. Wright can add Facial Fillers to help lift the overall lip and addressing the concerns about the jowls.  This approach gives a more natural and smooth look than simply plumping up the jaw line – an approach some less confident practitioners may use.image2-2image3-2image4image5image6image7image8image9image10image11image12image13image14image15

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