Micro Laser Peel

The Micro-Laser Peel is an Ablative Laser Resurfacing treatment which offers an effective way to treat sun damage, aging skin and scarring without the need for deeper surgical skin resurfacing. This advanced technology was designed specifically for busy individuals who are seeking significant improvements without significant downtime. This state-of–the–art Micro-Laser Peel erbium laser allows Dr. Wright to achieve ultimate precision in skin resurfacing, to uniformly remove uneven pigmentation, fine lines, acne scars and rough texture, in a series of soft, quick and simple procedures. The precision of the Micro-Laser Peel allows Dr. Wright to treat areas other than the face. For the first time, the delicate neck, back of the hands, and chest can be successfully treated with an ablative laser to remove sun damaged skin and superficial wrinkles.

Dr. Wright’s success with Micro Laser Peel was
televised on ABC American Health Front (to watch video click here)
where she highlighted the benefits of her Acne Scar Correction Treatments.


What is a Micro-Laser Peel?

Micro-Laser peel is a type of facial resurfacing procedure using an Erbium:Yag Ablative Laser. The procedure involves between 1 and 2 passes of the laser on the face or other treatment area. The laser is set to ablate 10, 20 up to 60 microns of skin during the procedure. The depth is controlled by the energy of the Erbium:Yag laser, and is predetermined by Dr. Wright to achieve the desired goals of each patient. Unlike microdermabrasion, which can remove 10 microns of the skin’s surface, the Micro Laser Peel can remove/ablate deeper layers of tissue and is replaced by new skin causing collagen regeneration, and skin textural improvement. Afterwards, patients will experience a smoother, healthier more vibrant complexion with a significant and immediate change in skin texture and tightness.


What are the Benefits of the Micro Laser Peel?

The Micro Laser Peel is used for the treatment of wrinkles, the improvement of scars, and in the general rejuvenation of skin. The laser works by selectively removing a thin layer of outermost skin. Laser resurfacing can be done on the entire face or on segments, such as the forehead, cheeks, upper lip or chin. The following conditions are treatable with the Micro Laser Peel:

  • Facial wrinkles
  • Lip lines, crows feet, and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Acne scarring and post-surgical scarring
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Laugh lines and frown creases
  • Skin irregularities and blemishes
  • Pigmentation and sun spots

Micro Laser Peel

Who is the best Candidate for the Micro Laser Peel?

Anyone wishing to reduce or delay the signs of aging, postpone more aggressive surgical treatments but desire an aggressive treatment with little downtime, are all candidates for the Micro-Laser Peel. The Micro-Laser Peel is designed to treat uneven pigmentation, fine lines, acne, and keratinization (build-up of dead skin). Lighter skin tones are more suitable for the procedures. If a patient is at risk for PIH (post-inflammatory pigmentation) they should be treated with a topical lightening agent before and after the procedure and adhere strictly to the after-care instructions.

Micro Laser Peel

What is a Micro Laser Peel Treatment Like?

Prior to your treatment, you will have a personal consultation with one of our licensed professional staff to discuss your concerns and the changes that you would like to make to your appearance. We will prescribe an at-home facial regime to prepare your skin for the procedure. Dr. Wright will personally set up a treatment plan including the depth of the peel and the number of peels required to achieve your desired results. To alleviate any potential discomfort during treatment we provide a topical anesthetic to be applied to the skin. Dr. Wright only performs this treatment and the laser is moved in a painting fashion across the face until Dr. Wright has achieved the layer of exfoliation she desires. The treatment can take up to an hour, and Dr. Wright may recommend up to five treatments done monthly.

  • Immediately following the procedure your skin will look and resemble a sunburn.
  • You will be given a complete at-home aftercare skincare kit to use
  • You may apply mineral makeup if you desire after the first 24 hours
  • Minor skin sloughing will appear on the 3rd or 4th day.
  • The skin is healed over in 4 to 5 days, depending on the depth of the peel and in most cases patients are fully recovered within 5 to 7 days.

How do a Micro Laser Peel differ from the ResurFX Laser Resurfacing that is offered at Skin MD and Beyond?

Micro Laser Peel is a non-fractional ablative procedure which has more cosmetic downtime, recovery time and risk– but can provide better results than the ReSurFX Laser Resurfacing which is a fractional non-ablative procedure. Both treatments have very specific indications which will be reviewed with you during your comprehensive consultation.

A non-fractional procedure is a treatment where the entire layer of skin is removed – much like taking the top layer of butter off with a butter knife. Whereas, Dr. Wright describes a fractional procedure as one that acts like a cheese grater – some areas of are skin taken off, and some areas are left on the skin. With fractional treatments the remaining intact skin will aid in less down-time and a quicker recovery time.

An ablative procedure is a treatment which removes the complete top epidermis layer. These treatments can be “micro” or “fully” ablative. A non-ablative procedure does not remove the full epidermis.

Micro Laser Peel

How do I get Started?

The first step is to schedule your consultation appointment. This can be arranged by calling 972-608-0808 or e-mail us at DrWright@SkinMDandBeyond.com. During your comprehensive consultation our staff and Dr. Wright will personally create your treatment plan with you in order to achieve the most effective results.

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