Health and Life Guidance


Functional Medicine Health and Life Guidance is patient centered, meaning we focus on your needs and goals before anything else. Often people experience a gap between what they know they need to do to be healthy and actually doing it. Traditional medicine also focuses on “treating the symptoms and the disease’ and not the “health” of the patient. And this is where functional medicine comes in.

How will Health and Life Guidance Benefit You

By looking at your existing Health and Lifestyle, we will discover the “why”, and not just the “what”. We will guide you to remove the things that impede your health so that your body can function the way it is naturally supposed to. By following four basic principles of Functional Medicine, we will partner with you to discover the barriers, navigate the complexity, and develop the habits that lead to optimal health and wellness. 

  • Individualized approaches to lifestyle, diet and exercise
  • A specialized treatment plan and evaluation based upon your unique makeup and in consideration of external environmental factors that affect well-being.
  • A personalized program developed and tailored to fit each patient’s unique requirements and information is shared with the referring physician

What are the Four Basic Principles to Healthy Living?

  1. Health is Not Just the Absence of Disease

We encourage you to not let the presence of a specific disease get in the way of your health or the ability to focus on your whole body.  Instead of asking “what drug matches with this disease?”, Tru Age Wellness Center will guide you to find the root cause or mechanism involved with your illness or loss of function, so you can get to the root of the problem and reveal why those symptoms appeared in the first place.

  1. Health is Self-Care

The cornerstone to long-lasting vitality and longevity is looking after yourself! With natural healthy food, supplemental vitamins and nutrients, paired with plenty of water, rest and enjoyable exercise, you can reset and enhance your biological system. 

  1. Everyone is Genetically and Biochemically Unique

Every person has their own individual genome (genetic profile) which can make us all react differently to foods and environmental exposures, as well as physical, spiritual and emotional stresses. These reactions will then create our own unique cascade of biochemical events within us, which can impact our body in both a positive and negative way.  

  1. Your Body can Heal Itself

The body was designed to heal itself!When you suffer from pain or an illness, many of us will hand over our care to our doctor who traditionally will put a label on it and give you a prescription. But,this dynamic can set you up for failure. By bypassing the natural self-repair process and handing all your power over to a doctor, you might be ignoring the very thing you need to heal.  By creating a Health and Guidance restorative plan of care with us, you will have the knowledge to know what your body needs to keep all of your systems balanced and working properly in order to promote natural healing and wellness.

If you’d like to begin your personal Health and Life Guidance  Program at Tru Age Wellness Center please click Here to request our Initial Heath and Medical Questionnaire

 Your in-office consultation begins with a comprehensive history & lifestyle evaluation to determine your specific metabolism, the status of your hormone levels and the overall functionality of your physiology. We will work with you to identify any imbalances you may have and develop an individualized treatment plan. Treatment plans may include behavior and lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals, therapeutic nutrition plans, stress management techniques, health coaching, and/or advanced diagnostic testing.

Our program may also include functional laboratory tests for brain and body aging, metabolic errors, genetic markers, traditional risk factors, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, and structural integrity of your muscles and joints. 


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