Functional Medicine


What is Integrative Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine focuses on treating the individual patient and not the disease. It is integrative as it integrates science- based healthcare with each patient’s unique environmental and genetic factorsthat can impact their long-term health.

Instead of the conventional one-size-fits-all approach, where the same diagnosis gets the same medication and treatment, we evaluate the mismatch between nutrition, lifestyle and stress management with our basic human healing process.

By creating a patient-centered approach to your health, we will search for underlying triggers contributing to your illness through cutting edge lab testing and provide a treatment plan for your individual specific needs.

  • CardioMetabolic Protection
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Pre-Diabetic Management
  • MicroNutrient Analysis
  • Allergy Support
  • Energy Optimization
  • Detoxification
  • Hormonal Pain Therapy
  • Nutrient Support for Medications
  • Methylation Dysfunction

If you’d like to begin your personal Integrative FunctionalMedicine Program at Tru Age Wellness Center please click Here to request our Initial Heath and Medical Questionnaire

 Your in-office consultation begins with a comprehensive history & lifestyle evaluation to determine your specific metabolism, the status of your hormone levels and the overall functionality of your physiology.We will work with you to identify any imbalances you may have and develop an individualized treatment plan. Treatment plans may include behavior and lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals, therapeutic nutrition plans, stress management techniques, health coaching, and/or advanced diagnostic testing.

 Our program may also include functional laboratory tests for brain and body aging, metabolic errors, genetic markers, traditional risk factors, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, and structural integrity of your muscles and joints. 

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