Facial Friday: The most perfect way to end your week

Friday’s are a tough day to get through.  After a long work week and itching for the weekend, the day can seem to drag on and on.  My solution? Facial Friday’s.  Taking a break for yourself for a pre-weekend treat will lighten your mood and make your Friday a breeze to get through! In my experience, the boost not only helps me make it through the day, but it motivates me to end the week on a high note, making sure all of my lose ends get tied up and setting myself up for an easier Monday morning. 

The best part for me was having Karen give the facial.  She combines multiple masks, and transitions between them with wonderful massages and hot towels pressed firmly against my skin. I was pleasantly surprised when she pulled out her hot stones for a hand and arm massage while one of my masks was setting.  The entire experience was so fantastic, and I loved to feel her meticulous fingers as she systematically massaged and exfoliated my skin in a way that exemplified how passionate she is about what she does.  It really makes quite a difference to have someone that really does enjoy what they do working on you.  When it was all over, and I managed to get myself out from my cocoon of cozy warm blankets, she met me outside the room with a smile and a glass of ice cold water.  From start to finish, I really cannot express enough how fantastic I felt.

So next time you are working through a brutal work week, call and make an appointment for Karen.  She really will save your sanity.  And as if your face doesn’t glow enough from the fresh exfoliation, the smile she gives you will last for the rest of your day!

Thanks Karen!


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