Face Winter Head On… with a Hydrating Cleanser


Have you noticed that the cleanser you were using in the summer just isn’t quite working for the winter, and it is drying out your skin rather than hydrating it. If you answered “Yes”, then you may be using the wrong cleanser for this Season. Gel cleansers especially, may be drying your skin out rather than helping it. There is a season for everything, including your daily facial cleanser, and Fiona Wright MD’s HYDRATING CLEANSER can help you “face” Winter head on with daily hydration- so start off “wRight”… and try out a hydrating cleanser!

Dr. Wright’s Tip

During the Winter, low temperatures, low humidity and strong, harsh winds can deplete your skin of its natural lipid layer, which protects the skin from drying out. Dry skin looks and feels rough rather than smooth and radiant, and fine lines and wrinkles will show up more- causing your face to look older!

As well when the outer layer of our skin is depleted of water, it loses its protective function and allows water loss through the skin, making the skin vulnerable to environmental attacks.   So if you have noticed that this winter your skin is dryer than before then try my HYDRATING CLEANSER and face Winter with a cleanser designed for skin exposed to harsh environmental effects such as winter weather. This revolutionary water-based cleanser was designed to cleanse skin thoroughly and remove make-up while allowing the skin to absorb its hydrating properties.

This month, enjoy 20% off our HYDRATING CLEANSER and see why man by switch during those cold Texas months! Expires 2/28/2014

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