Crow’s Feet is the Thing of the Past When Aging is Now Optional!

girl-sunglassesLooking good at any age is taking care of your appearance with strategic and subtle at home and in-office procedures that any woman can do! Dr. Wright tells all her patients, “60 is the new 40, and aging now is optional.” Smoothing out crow’s feet has become easier than ever.

Read on to learn how!

Dr. Wright’s Tip 

If you have crow’s feet, the first step is to invest in sunglasses- no, not to hide them, but to protect them. Wearing big shades with side lenses keeps from squinting in the sun.

I also remind my patients to keep the eye area well hydrated 24/7 and not just at night. Dr. Fiona Wright’s EYE QUENCH is a deeply penetrating moisturizer that will protect your eyes from daytime activity and dry work environments that can deplete moisture from that fragile skin.

To smooth out the wrinkles around the eyes and mid brow furrows, Botox and other muscle relaxing injectables still remain the treatment of choice. However, what is new is using fillers to volumize the hollows in the temples, which will allow the skin to become more firm and youthful. This can often result in being able to use less botox around the eyes- and provide a more natural and flowing movement when you smile.

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