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What is a Chemical Peel?

What do you think when you hear the words chemical peel? Do you think of the Sex and the City episode where Samantha was talked into a peel and ends up looking like a tomato right before a big event and you immediately cringe? Well let’s clear the air… they are not all that way!

Men and women alike share a common desire to have healthy, youthful skin. Chemical peels have been used for over 100 years, and are commonly performed for those that are unhappy with sun-damaged skin, age spots, uneven pigmentation, rough skin, and acne scarring.

Some chemical peels are not limited to the face and can be performed on the neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs.  In addition, they also may be coupled with other forms of skin rejuvenation therapy.

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What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

Everyone knows that exfoliation is the holy grail of healthy skin. The process of shedding old, tired, dull skin cells and replacing them with new vibrant cells is ongoing. The job of a chemical peel is to simply give that process a boost.

Peels remove layers of skin so that younger, healthier skin cells can show themselves. In the process, age spots, acne scars, fine lines, dead skin cells, and other imperfections are peeled away. The purpose of a peel is to erase imperfections and improve skin tone and texture.

What Skin Problems Are Improved with A Chemical Peel?

At Dr. Wright’s, we use chemical peels for a variety of skin conditions:A before and after image of a woman that had chemical peel treatment.

  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Texture issues
  • Pigmentation problems
  • Age spots
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Freckles
  • Scaly patches

Chemical peels are not meant to address issues such as sagging skin or deep lines and creases.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Chemical Peels?

Whether in Plano or Peru, basically every one of us could use a chemical peel. By forcing our outer layer or layers to slough off the dead skin cells, dirt, and other junk, chemical peels simply give our skin’s natural exfoliation process a boost. Chemical peels are a natural treatment, where peeling agents encourage the skin to shed old cells.

To have a peel, you cannot have any active skin conditions or infections.

How Are Chemical Peels Done at Skin M.D.?

The actual process of getting one of our chemical peels takes around 30 minutes. We first thoroughly clean your skin and then apply the peeling agent. This is left on for a prescribed amount of time and is then neutralized and removed. Your skin is rinsed with cool water. For most peels, a calming mask is then applied. That’s the actual treatment.

From there, your skin will peel. For light peels, the skin will lightly flake for up to a week or so, but there isn’t wholesale peeling. For medium peels, more skin is removed during the actual peel, so there will be some light crusting for a few days afterward. This will be followed by more involved peeling for a week to 10 days. This can be managed with moisturizer.

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What Types of Chemical Peels Are There?

Chemical peels in Plano, TX are applied topically to the skin and aid in the restoration and rejuvenation of the skin’s surface. Light, medium, and deep peels penetrate to different levels and each will create a different cosmetic outcome.

Superficial Peels:

Chemical Peels “melt” away from the fine outer layers of the skin. Light chemical agents such as Skin MD’s lactic and glycolic peels accomplish a polishing of the skin by sloughing off dead cells with little to no downtime to immediately give you the brighter softer skin you want. You may experience minimal flaking. This is a great add on to microdermabrasion or with any facial to get the glow you’ve been wanting!

 Medium  Peels:

Our popular Vitality Peel is a Vitamin A based peel and is great for acne-prone skin.  The Vitality Peel addresses your skin’s restoration in a more aggressive way by creating an even and controlled shedding of several layers of the skin lasting anywhere from 3-5 days. These peels are also very popular anywhere you may have breakouts including the chest, back, and shoulders. Put your best face forward and put an end to the acne.

Our Jessner Peels act to improve skin surface texture and pigmentation. The solutions are available in several strengths, depending on the degree of peeling desired. Jessner Peels are a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol, an exfoliating agent. Healing can take from 3-7 days until a new, smoother layer of skin is then formed. Generally, these chemical peels are medium peels and will help improve your overall texture and remove the years of sun worshiping you regret!

For those of you suffering from acne and pigment issues, the Pigment Lifting Peel may be the perfect combination. Peeling may last 3-7 days. Using blended acids will targets the browns in the skin, lightening them and giving your skin a much more even tone while also clearing that acne!

Deep Peels:

TCA peels are intermediate to deep peels used to smooth out fine surface wrinkles, remove superficial blemishes, and correct skin pigment problems. Acne scarring healing may take several days depending on the peel depth, usually ranging 4-7 days.  Your skin will require the use of sunblock for several months after this procedure. This is a must! TCA peels are aggressive and do require limited to no sun exposure for 4-6 weeks after treatment. Deep chemicals peels are available however due to the unpredictability we tend to use safer more reliable lasers for these treatments.

Results of a Chemical Peel

Beautiful cheerful woman enjoying her visit to beautician undergoing a chemical peel.To achieve optimal results, Dr. Wright and her team of aestheticians assess your skin to determine if you are a proper candidate and to ensure appropriate expectations regarding your concerns. 

When younger layers of skin are exposed, your skin will look brighter, tighter, and fresher than before. Deeper lines, wrinkles, and other flaws may require a series of treatments or advanced techniques.

During the treatment, your skin is prepped, and the designated peel is applied to the area of concern. Your skincare specialist will review post-procedure care and you will return to the clinic for a reassessment of the area and expert medical advice on your next step for younger-looking skin.

At the SKIN M.D. and Beyond, we combine the science of skincare with our professional expertise to help you achieve smoother, firmer, healthier, and more beautiful skin!

Will I Have Recovery After My Chemical Peel?

After a superficial peel, especially if you’re not a regular Skin M.D. customer, your skin will have some redness and irritation, but as your skin becomes more exfoliated this will pass and your skin will simply glow after your peel. There is no recovery; your skin may feel a little tight for a couple of days and you may have some slight flaking, but that’s about it.

Medium peels will require some recovery. This is because the peeling agents we use create deeper penetration than the glycolic acids used for our superficial peels. Because they penetrate more deeply medium peels loosen the skin bonds more deeply. They leave the skin red and stinging, and there will be some crusting. Facial redness can linger for up to a few weeks.

As mentioned above, we don’t offer deep phenol chemical peels at Skin M.D. and Beyond, as Dr. Wright feels there is too much risk of scarring and pigmentation problems. We use various laser procedures in lieu of deep peels.

Chemical Peels for Acne Scarring

For those who have residual scarring from acne, there is a technique called TCA Cross, which can be used to correct Ice-pick scars. This involves careful placement of high concentrations chemical called TCA (trichloroacetic acid) into the scar. This stimulates the production of new collagen and remodeling of existing collagen to fill in the acne scar. The advantage of this treatment is that it is localized to the problem only and not the unaffected skin.  TCA has been used for over 50 years to rejuvenate and repair the skin in a variety of conditions. The CROSS Technique, (Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars) using 80-100% TCA, has the advantage of reconstructing acne scars by focusing on the dermal thickening and collagen production that occurs with higher TCA concentrations.

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

The name chemical peel sounds kind of scary, but these are safe treatments. Remember, all that is happening in the chemical agent is applied and it breaks down some of the bonds on the skin to encourage the skin to slough off cells.

Because this exfoliation is forced to a deeper degree, there is some redness and tenderness after your treatment. Your face will feel a little dry. With a light peel, it will feel as if you have a light sunburn. With a medium peel, it will feel more like a medium sunburn. There will be some light flaking with light peels. Medium peels will have a little crusting of the skin. Other than that, our light and medium chemical peels are safe without any real side effects.

Deep peels have some risks, from scarring to infection. That’s among the reasons we don’t offer deep peels at Skin M.D. and Beyond.

How Much Do Chemical Peels Cost?

The price of our various peels varies depending upon the peeling agent and the overall formula of the peel. Superficial peels are less expensive than medium peels. Once we have an idea of your goals and can direct you to the right peel to match them, we can give you the prices of your options.

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