Brotox: A Botox Trend Among Men

young man doing botox injectionsYes, you read that right! The number of men opting for “BROTOX” is on the rise. Not only are men more concerned about looking “aged” but one of the main reasons for considering Botox is to enhance their career prospects.  A study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology demonstrated that the softening of the frown muscles leads to less facial feedback for negative emotions – for both the patient and the people they interact with.

Read on to find out more on why Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment for men.




Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip

According to recent studies, Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in men, with more than 336,000 men per year receiving injections. With a competitive job market, younger and fresher faced college graduates are taking over potential jobs, so many mature men opt for some Botox to help rejuvenate their appearance and give them the edge to find that new job or excel in the one they have.  In my clinic, job performance is the #1 reason that men are asking for Botox treatments.

It is important to recognize that treating men with Botox is very different to treating women – and men should look for an experienced injector to perform the treatment. When administering Botox to men, I take into account each patient’s specific muscle mass, muscle fiber pattern and hair distribution pattern. In many cases, men require higher doses of Botox than their female counterparts, but not too much to make them “frozen”.  Men want to look natural.  In addition to frown lines, two common treatment areas in men include the crow’s feet and forehead lines. A balanced dose of Botox is required to both areas in men because they prefer a heavier, flatter and less arched brown than women (perceived as masculine traits).

So Men – Join the Brotox Movement and enjoy a Fresher  and Younger Look to Start the Summer!

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