Birthday Expressions- It’s Mona’s Birthday!

It is a Special Day at SKIN MD & Beyond, today we are celebrating Mona’s Birthday. As mentioned previously Birthday Expressions, are where you get to know the person having a birthday, here at SKIN MD & Beyond, and their beauty secrets. So for Mona’s celebration day we would like to discuss her skin regime. 

I have combination skin which is usually dry and dehydrated, but with an oily T-zone. The skin care regimen I use helps to adjust to my flaky, dry skin, but without making me too oily. First thing every morning, I use Dr. Wright’s EXFOLIATING CLEANSER to clean and remove any additional dirt and debris. As well, exfoliating my skin helps decrease fine lines and wrinkles and helps to improve the total health of my skin. Also, during the mornings I moisturize my skin with REHYDRATION COMPLEX with VITAMIN C which best adapts to my dehydrated skin and does not aggravate my sensitive pores. To end my morning routine, I finish my skin care with Dr. Wright’s sun protection, GREEN TEA SPF45.  At night time, I treat my remaining wrinkles with Dr. Wright’s PREVIA INSTANT FIRMING SERUM followed by her PREVIA REPLENSIH & REBUILD MOISTURIZER which leaves a soothing feeling on my skin.


Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX