Acne is a Serious Matter, so Fix It, Quick!

Do you suffer from breakouts? Dr. Wright’s highly effective formula, Quick Fix, significantly reduces acne and targets oily skin. Its micro penetrating 5% Benzoyl Peroxide formulation is one of the most advanced acne bacteria and breakout treatments available.  

Benzoyl Peroxide works by introducing oxygen into the pore, thereby killing the acne. There are 3 main steps in treating acne: helping clear existing acne, preventing new acne from forming, and improving skin tone and the appearance of existing acne scars. Not only can Quick Fix help in all of these three areas, it is also hypo-allergenic – so you can attack the acne bacteria, significantly reduce acne breakouts, while providing less irritation and giving you more confidence in your appearance.

Dr. Wrights Tip

When the bacteria population is reduced, the number of breakouts on the skin is reduced as well- and Quick Fix effectively treat both of these concerns. Another factor that makes this treatment so effective is its ability to help rid the follicle of excess dead skin cells. Clearing the pore of cellular debris will lessen the chance of pore blockages, or creating new comedones. In other words, Benzoyl Peroxide helps prevent breakouts before they start!  Remember even after acne clears up, you’ll probably still have to use your treatments. If you don’t, those pesky bacteria can increase and cause acne to return.

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